Tender for Yachts

Rent a VanDutch for your yacht and surprise your guests or clients. Are you looking for a tender in Cannes, Monaco, Saint Tropez, Corsica or the Mediterranean?

The VanDutch is the exceptional tender that will meet all your expectations.

Tender pour les Yacht

Tender for Yachts

VanDutch rental for yachts can satisfy a wide range of needs. Yacht tender for your charters: During your charters, offer your customers transport to private beaches, restaurants and ports aboard the VanDutch.

The VanDutch’s elegance will make your passengers feel at ease and comfortable aboard this luxurious tender. If your customers also have a home ashore, renting one or more VanDutch boats will enable you to transport them from their private pontoon, or from the port, to your yacht and back.

Service description

Every year, we charter VanDutch boats to prestigious motor yachts and sailing boats to organize transfers for their guests and clients.

Yacht tender for your private events: Rent a VanDutch for your parties and let your guests enjoy this exceptional tender. Stylish and elegant, the VanDutch is also easy to maneuver, so it’s sure to be a hit at your parties.

During major events, particularly on the Côte d’Azur, renting several VanDutch units will enable you to transport your guests from the ports to your yacht moored in the bay.

For example, during the Cannes Film Festival, several VanDutch boats are chartered to production companies or major magazines, who organize private events aboard prestigious yachts.

We provide you with VanDutch customized to your needs.

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