VanDutch Pre-owned

If you are looking for a pre-owned VanDutch boat, it doesn’t get more convenient or reassuring than through our ‘VanDutch Approved’ certified pre-owned programme.

We live and breathe the VanDutch brand, and we have the highest expectations of performance for all of our boats, no matter where they are in their life cycle. In many instances, we will have worked with the current owner of the boat since the original purchase and delivery, so we have a detailed understanding of each boat’s history.

We carry out rigorous inspections of all pre-owned VanDutch boats that are listed through us, so however long it has been looked after by another owner, you can feel assured that any boat with the ‘VanDutch Approved’ label is in fine condition and will give you the enjoyment you expect.

When it comes to in-house expertise, our network of VanDutch sales representatives has practical and technical experience, so each member of the team will be able to help lead you through the process of buying a pre-owned VanDutch boat, and remain available to assist you after the sale has completed.

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